The side out era

Mar 19

Many of us hope that Donald Sun will be the savior to all our past AVP problems. After going bankrupt once again, the AVP was bought out buy mulit-millionaire Donald Sun in attempt to make a profitable professional league.


He was made some significant changes to the website, and I really believe that the AVP can benefit from the increasing attention to social media in recent years. Beach volleyball trending through twitter, youtube, facebook allows it to get to an entirely new fanbase then simply the west coast or a few choice other places with a beach.


A sport where girls and boys play an athletic game on sunny beaches without a lot of clothes should be able to pull a lot of attention. Donald Sun’s strategies and marketing campaign should be able to get this sport to the masses. He also looks to solve the problem of ticket sales.


California Beaches are all public beaches, which are free to all users. The issue is this means that even when the AVP comes in with its bleachers, they are not allowed to charge any money for tickets. This means there is a whole other source of revenue stream that the AVP is missing out on.


I believe that Sun will be able to come up with solutions to these problems, and I think the AVP isĀ  here to stay. I also think that a few years down the line we will see tournament purses that exceed $ 1 million.

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