The side out era

Apr 18

The Cal Baptist Lancers have always been somewhat of a mystery in the volleyball community. They end up on the schedules of some of the power houses of NCAA Division 1 men’s volleyball like Irvine, USC, and UCLA. However, Cal Baptist has always competed in the NAIA, and have never been allowed to compete in the National Championship.


This year was supposed to be different. They were placed in the Mountain Sports Pacific Federation for the first time and were considered to be complying with NCAA compliance to be allowed to compete in Division 1. This is very exciting news for volleyball, because this team has historically always beaten the top teams in Division 1. In the past, many foreign professional players have come to play for CBU and receive an education.


However, recent news has stated that the Lancers will not be eligible for the MPSF postseason play. Considering their past this could mean a number of things. Perhaps the NCAA has found more players on their team accepting money from professional teams or perhaps their coach messed up on some of the compliance issues within the team.

This is very unfortunate for a team that has performed very well and was poised to go very far in the tournament. We will now have to wait longer to see how a team like this matches up when championships are on the line.

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