The side out era

Apr 18

The AVP site has just recently been revamped. I am hoping that this site will really start to take advantage of all of the social media outlets in order to get word out there about the sport. The problem with the beach volleyball sport today is that not enough people actually know anything about it.


For instance, the AVP tour schedule really needs to find a way to get more people to come to the beach and buy merchandise. Youtube should be a great place for the AVP to explode, because it’s a beach scene with a bunch of girls wearing bathing suits. That should be the most appealing sport in the world to the younger high school and college audiences.


If the AVP were able to get more people taking interest then we could start to gear stories around the hero figures of the sport. People will have reason to continue to tune in each weekend in the summer, and maybe even strike a TV deal. Until this site can truly take advantage of all that the internet offers us, we will not be able to see beach volleyball as a truly viable professional sport.

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